Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you want to provide your website visitors with the best possible user experience, it’s important to work with an established company like Paragon Marketing.

We have a proven track record and a team of SEO specialists who are ready to find the best possible keywords and key-phrases for your product, which we will utilise for link-building, creating interesting and relevant content, and other essential SEO tasks.

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We will develop a flexible SEO strategy for you, built on your business targets, and provide a carefully structured plan that will be visible across all search engines for keywords relevant to your business. Attention to detail is the key factor when aiming for a larger audience and a higher lead conversion rate.

Competition for customers online is extremely fierce nowadays, and nearly every other person seems to have a sideline going on that increases competition. With the world getting smaller, your business isn’t only competing against similar businesses in your town or city, but worldwide.


Paragon Marketing have the ability to make your business stand out from your competition, and gaining the customers you need to raise your business to the next level.

Statistics show that over 96% of  search engine users, only click on 1 or more of the first 3 listed websites. As we use the search engine for recommendations, solutions, products, services and businesses, this could be considered the front-line of the web battle where your business needs to dramatically boost your leads and your traffic…

“Paragon were always friendly, polite and professional. The website design was exactly as I requested and has helped us to move forward as a company. Always happy to recommend them as a design and marketing company.”

Alan Hope, P.G.A Golf Professional